Trump’s decision about Jerusalem is dangerous for humanity.
We must protest this; if needs we will sacrifice our blood!

-Mufty Rezaul Karim, peer shaheb Charmonai.

A protest Rally of millions of people against Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israil arranged today at Dhaka to blockade US ambassy in Dhaka.
Mufty Rezaul Karim, Ameer of Islamic Andalan Bangladesh has led this rally.
He said, Jerusalem is our heart. we must liberate our heart from killers even we will sacrifice our lives.
He called all Muslim countries immediately end the war in Yeman, Syria and direct the Islamic alliance it leads to liberate Jerusalem.
He Called all Islamic countries to temporary close American ambassies and permanently Israily embassy.
Mufty Rezaul Karim also said, please reject all Arab and Islamic difference and unite against such attack. this is high time to unity
Other senior leaders also presented this Rally.

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