Announce to establish Bangladesh Embassy in Jerusalem

Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan (Students’ Movement for Islamic Constitution) (ISCA) has argued to the government of Bangladesh to declare Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital. It also demands the establishment of country’s Embassy in Jerusalem.

The largest Islamic student organization says ,
”Jerusalem is an important place for Muslims. Beside Al-Aqsa which is located in Jerusalem is our first Qibla. To protect the Baitul Mokaddas from the Jews the Bangladesh as the second largest Muslim country in the world, will have an important role to play. Therefore, the government of Bangladesh will have to announce the establishment of the Embassy of Bangladesh in the holy city of muslims. Government should also declare clearly Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

On Monday, 18 December, the central president of the student organization GM Ruhul Amin and Secretary General Sheikh Muhammad Saiful Islam spoke in a joint statement.

The leaders also said Bangladesh is an important member of the OIC. So very soon Bangladesh will have to implement the OIC’s announcement regarding Jerusalem. The constitution of Bangladesh has been said to have moral support to all the nations who are fighting for their own freedom. So, Bangladesh will have a stronger role to play in the Palestinian independence. In the statement, the leaders urged the countrymen to boycott the US-Israel-sponsored products to break the foundation of Jews fundamentalists.

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Muhammad Ilias Hasan
Information-Research and Press Secretary
Date: 18 December 2017
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